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Pizza has a rich history in Cleveland, and Pasta Lear's is a part of that history.  Marie and Brian Lear along with Ken and Mary Lear are celebrating pizza in Cleveland.  


Pasta Lear's opened it's doors using the combined talents of the two families.  Marie's father Peppi Paoletta brought his pizza from Italy in 1945 by establishing Peppi's Pizza with his brothers in Little Italy.  They moved to Parma in the 60's and became one of the best places in town.  


Today, Pasta Lear's is building on that tradition with a delicious selection of family recipes.  Our famous pizza was developed with Peppi's secret recipes.  Luckily, as Marie was growing up, she kept a vigilant eye on how her dad prepared his pizza.  She has passed that love and skill to our Pasta Lear's family.  


As our love of food and service continues, we are now serving you around the world with our Lear's Inflight catering division.  Come join us to celebrate Cleveland and pizza.  Together we are unbeatable!

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Hours of Operation:

Tuesday - Friday:

11:00 am - 8:00 pm


12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sunday - Monday:



Phone: 216-433-1976

Fax: 216-848-0504

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